Math Olympiad Program

The Math Olympiad Program (MOP) is an advanced problem solving competition designed to prepare talented high school mathematicians for the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

The competition consists of three rounds of selection tests and a global finals.

The first round is an open exam where participants tackle 12 problems, each requiring only the final answer to be solved in 120 minutes. One point is awarded for every correct answer and no points for wrong answers.

Top scorers from the first round are granted entry to the invitation-only second round. Here students attend a 10-day bootcamp with International Mathematicians. The results from the bootcamp are summed, and the top students are invited to participate in the national final round.

In the third and final round, students have four hours to solve four problems. These problems do not only require correct answers, but proper argumentation and proof.

Ultimately, a team is chosen to represent Ghana at the International Mathematical Olympiad.

To be eligible, candidates must meet all the following criteria:

  • Be in Grade 8/JHS2&3, 9/SHS1, or 10/SHS2.
  • Born in 2003, 2004, 2005 or 2006. Older students and those in Grade 11/Lower6 may apply for the MISE RESEARCH PROGRAM

To Apply, kindly fill out the ONLINE FORM

How do I prepare? Registered Students will be provided with resources to prepare for the Solve-A-Thon. The Olympiad Program has no syllabus.

Program Dates:

  • Round 1- 15th February for ( 8th grade and below)
  • Round 1- 29th February for (9th and 10th Grade)
  • Round 2: 20th July-1st August 2020
  • Round 3: November 2020,actual dates will be announced later
  • Round 4: July 2021, IMO-USA.

Faculty: The Ghana Math Olympiad Program is coached by some of the brightest minds in mathematics such as: Dr. Mark Saul,  Prof. Moon Duchin- Harvard, Prof. David Savitt- Harvard, Saranesh Prembabu- MIT/ Harvard, Ashwath Thirumalai- MIT, Pius Onah- Cambridge, Timothy Chu- USAMO Winner /MIT, Sefa Adzo Yakpo- GHAMO Winner /MIT, Brian Basham- MIT/Google and Yao Ohene- Harvard.