Math Olympiad Program

The Math Olympiad Program (MOP) is a series of challenging exams designed to prepare high school mathematicians for the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO).

The first in the series is the Solve-A-Thon. The Solve-A-Thon is designed to identify suitable candidates for the Olympiad training program. Top participants from the Solve-A-Thon are invited to attend the Olympiad training camp in the summer.

Participants at the camp are then eligible to be selected for next year’s IMO.

How do i take part?

The program is open to all students with a passion for problem solving who are

How can i prepare for the Olympiad?

The Olympiad program has no set syllabus.  Some students have used problems here to prepare for the Solve-A-Thon. Students new to competition math usually start with the problems here.

MOP 2019-2020 Schedule:

  • December 2019 – Registration Deadline.
  • February 2020 – Solve-A-Thon
  • July 2020 – Olympiad Training Camp.
  • November 2020 – Team Selection Test
  • July 2021- IMO- USA.


Recent faculty have included: Prof. Mark Saul- Director AMC, Prof. Moon Duchin- Harvard University, Prof. David Savitt- Harvard University, Saranesh Prembabu – MIT/ Harvard, Ashwath Thirumalai- MIT, Pius Onah- Cambridge University, Timothy Chu- USAMO Winner/MIT, Sefa Adzo Yakpo- GHAMO Winner/ MIT, Brian Basham- MIT/Google and Yao Ohene- Harvard University.