MISE Research Program

MISE provides intellectually curious high school mathematicians a unique opportunity to explore cutting-edge research under the guidance of graduate students and post-doctoral scholars.

The program consists of three sections;

  • Computational Problem Solving Seminar
  • Hands-on research with leading scientists and engineers.
  • A symposium at the end of the program.

Students are welcome to apply if they;

  • Have a passion for and strong ability in mathematics as reflected in high school coursework.
  • Are in 10th or 11th Grade and at least 15 years old by 31st December 2019.

Apply for 2020 MRP by filling out the application form here.

Recent program faculty and visiting scholars include prominent scholars such as: Prof. Francis KA Allotey -Director of AIMS Ghana, Dr. Lorenzo Pellis -Oxford University, Dr. Franca Hoffmann -Cambridge University /Caltech, Dr. Outi Supponen -Imperial College, London, Dr. Thomas Nketiah – Oxford University, Amy Zhang -MIT/ Facebook AI Research, Leonardo Williams -Imperial College London, Olivia McLeod-Brown- Oxford University, Karan Grewal- UToronto/ Princeton, Dr. Billy Okal -Apple /Voyager, Mike Nelson -Perimeter Institute, Vincent Mai – ETH Zurich /Mila and Dr. Sangu Delle – Harvard-educated entrepreneur.

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