MISE Research Program

MISE is a math inspired science and engineering research program designed to empower high school students to create innovative technology to shape how we live, work and play.

Admission is highly selective. We are looking for students who enjoy math and problem solving.

To apply, kindly fill out the online form here

Recent faculty and visiting guest speakers have included prominent scholars such as: Prof. Francis KA Allotey -Director of AIMS Ghana, Dr. Lorenzo Pellis -Oxford University, Dr. Franca Hoffmann -Cambridge/Caltech, Dr. Outi Supponen -Imperial College, London, Dr. Thomas Nketiah – Oxford University, Amy Zhang -MIT/ Facebook AI Research, Uma Roy – MIT/ Google, Leonardo Williams -Imperial College London, Olivia McLeod-Brown- Oxford University, Karan Grewal- UToronto/ Princeton, Dr. Billy Okal -Apple /Voyager, Mike Nelson -Perimeter Institute, Vincent Mai – ETH Zurich /Mila and Dr. Sangu Delle – Harvard-educated entrepreneur.

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