Math Olympiad Program

The Math Olympiad Program (MOP) is an advanced problem-solving camp designed to prepare talented high school mathematicians for the International Mathematical Olympiad.

Program Highlights;

  1. Students qualify for MOP through the MISE Problem Solving Tournament (Solve-A-Thon).
  2. Qualification is limited to the top 12 scorers in the Solve-A-Thon program. Additional students in Grade 7 & 8 may be invited to constitute a Junior MOP.
  3. Only students in grade 7-10 and are 16 years old or younger by December 31, 2018 are eligible.

It is important to emphasize that success will require problem-solving at a higher level than is usually taught in most schools. Students may find our online learning platform useful. Younger students may start by first exploring our pre-Algebra class here.

Apply Now by filling out the online registration form here.

Recent faculty and visiting guest speakers  have included leading international mathematicians such as- Prof. Mark Saul-Director, American Math Competitions, Prof. Moon Duchin- Harvard University, Prof. David Savitt- Harvard University, Pius Onah- Africa’s first IMO medalists/Cambridge University, Timothy Chu- USAMO Winner/MIT, Sefa Adzo Yakpo- GHAMO Winner/MIT, Brian Basham- MIT/Google and Yao Ohene- Harvard.